3 Tips for Making the Moving Process Easier for Seniors


Moving can be overwhelming for anyone, but it especially can be a daunting task for seniors. Climbing stairs, packing boxes, and lifting and carrying heavy boxes is enough to pose a risk to a senior’s health and safety, but moving heavy appliances and furniture is not a good idea for seniors. There are some ways to make the moving process easier, and we share three tips for seniors below.


1. Start Preparing Early

If you know that you will be moving in advance, start preparing for the move sooner rather than later. You should begin by taking stock of your belongings and downsizing. It is much easier and much less expensive to move fewer items than to move several. It also makes moving into a new home more pleasant because you won’t be cluttering your new space.

If you’re not sure how to begin downsizing and organizing, start in storage areas like a basement or attic. It is usually simpler to sort items that you don’t use on a regular basis than those that you use frequently and find it difficult to imagine living without. More often than not, the items that we store are those that we think we will use some day or are items that have some sentimental value.

You should be honest with yourself about your items when downsizing for a move. If you have not used an item for several months, put it in a donate or garbage pile. Some seniors find that asking their family members to help sort items makes the process easier. They can pack items to donate for you while you continue making decisions. And, if you have items that you want to give to your family members, doing so before the move is a good idea. Seniors also prefer having family members help sort and organize items because many of the items in their storage areas belong to their children or are from their childhood. Ask whether they want their items back; if not, donate them.


2. Hire Moving Help

While many seniors want to do as much of their own packing and moving as possible, it is a good idea to hire help. Moving services are available for packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking, and it’s easy to find reliable moving labor, compare prices, and read reviews on sites like this. Hiring moving services ensures that you get professional help and access to the experts when it comes to keeping your furniture, appliances, and keepsakes safe and sound whether you move across town or across the country.

Moving services also have the essential equipment and materials for moving your items as safely as possible. Professional movers use carts, straps, braces, bubble wrap, pallets, and other equipment that most people do not have. They know how to disassemble furniture, stack items, and pack belongings in the most efficient manner possible, which often results in saving time and in some cases money. More importantly, seniors do not have to risk personal injury or injury to their loved ones who offer to help move heavy items when they hire moving help.


3. Unpack in an Organized Fashion

It’s easy to focus on packing and moving, but you also need to have a plan for unpacking your items in your new home. If relocating is an emotional process for you, consider unpacking your bedroom and personal items first. You will want a good night’s sleep, and you will want to take a bath or a shower after the exhausting moving process. Prioritize your personal items, toiletries, and bedroom items so you can have a comfortable first night in your new home.

Keep in mind that you will not be as pressed for time when you unpack, so give yourself permission to take time to put things where they belong and make your new house feel like home. After you unpack and organize your bedroom and bathroom, unpack your kitchen so you can begin to prepare meals in your home. Be deliberate about which rooms you unpack and organize so you make comfortable living spaces for yourself quickly enough to feel positive about the move. And, be sure to display your keepsakes and mementos so your new space truly feels like home.

For seniors moving to a new place, the process involved can feel overwhelming and intimidating. To make the moving process easier, start preparing early, hire moving help, and unpack in an organized manner to make your new place feel like home.


Author: Jim Vogel